Ace + Mission Studios

Originally used for the storage and distribution of Budweiser and other major beer labels, several of the buildings at Ace + Mission were recently transformed into state-of-the-art studios and offices for film and digital media production. Located on the historic Mission Beverage Company property in the industrial flats of Boyle Heights, across the river from DTLA and the Arts District, Ace + Mission Studios is spread over fourteen buildings and almost 400,000 SF.

We were tasked to give this new studio lot a fresh identity to reflect the likes of the world’s leading content studios.

Our approach was to provide Ace + Mission Studios a contemporary identity that looked to the future of storytelling. We selected Gerstner Programm by Forgotten Shapes Foundry as our beacon of typography.

To reflect the spirit of Los Angeles within the logotype, we reimagined the ampersand into a “star”. This allows the brand identity to utilize an icon system we call the “Star System”. By abbreviating specific key words, we were able to create a seamless and cohesive design language to help identify, navigate and wayfind the spaces found throughout the studio lot.